X-ray Crystallography System

For automatic single crystal structure determination.

To evaluate single-crystal structure, to measure the orientation of cut surface, and to determine the quality in crystallinity for the advanced materials, such as semiconductor, LED, and others at the production management.
RES-lab offers robust X-ray instruments that are designed for each purpose.

btn80Back-reflection Laue Camera with IP reader

Full Automatic system for image display/deletion
Integrated with IP Reader
Best solution instead of the system with Polaroid film and X-ray film.
  Back-reflection Laue Camera is widely used to evaluate crystal orientation and crystallinity.
Back-reflection Laue Camera reads the digital image not using the photo film, but using the Imaging Plate.  
  Analysis processing software for Laue system has the functions below:
- Laue-spot automatic identification
- Coordinate calculation
- Greninger chart drawing

btn80Crystal Orientation Measuring Unit

High-precision measurement by unique angle measuring mechanism
  The single crystal orientation is measured by emitting the characteristic X-ray and rotating the sample within the surface.

X-ray optics are laid out on X-ray diffraction position aligned from specific crystal plane. The sample holder for specimen such as wafer or ingot makes a three-sixty (full-rotation) to measure the crystal orientation from 2-4 directions, which enables to calculate off-angle and off-orientation angle.

Various sample holders are available for each type of crystal.





btn802-crystal X-ray Diffraction

  2-crystal X-ray Diffractometer is used to evaluate the structure of single-crystal such as semiconductor crystal.

2-crystal X-ray Diffractometer is applied for evaluations or measurements below:
 - quality determination in crystallinity
 - measurement of absolute or relative lattice constant
 - measurement of thin film thickness
 - period measurement of super lattice

The incident X-ray beam to the 2nd crystal is monochromatized and improved to the highly parallel beam. The layout of monochromator and sample crystal should satisfy the optical conditions in agreement with the measurement purpose.

btn80Incident Monochrometor

For X-ray Diffraction on Sapphire single crystal orientation mounting a 2-symmetric reflection channel cut crystal monochromator on X-ray tube window configures 2-crystal X-ray Diffractometer.
fig4 (Example)
Sapphire crystal(0012) for measuring the rocking curve on lattice plane.
Crystal Silicon (Si)  Lattice plane (333)
Adjustment mechanism diffraction angle (ω)
tilt angle (Φ)
upper/lower (Y)
Slit Incident slit  0.1mm 
Outgoing slit  0.1mm 
Width limiting slit  10mm


btn804-crystal Channel Cut Monochromator

Two channel cut Si single crystals with (400) reflection are mounted (++).
This produces the monochromatic parallel X-ray beam.
  4-crystal channel cut monochromator can be easily mounted to the user's XRD.

XRD with 4-crystal channel cut monochromator enables to evaluate crystallinity of single crystal and lattice plane and to measure crystal orientation.
Crystal Silicon Lattice Plane (400)
Shape:Channel-cut Layout (+ +)
Adjustment mechanism incident angle (ω)
tilt angle (Φ)
upper/lower (Y)
Slit Width 0.05 x Height 2.0 5.0 8.0
Outgoing beam Height 1.0 2.0 5.0

  The most ideal combination of spectral crystal and lattice plane are selected for each type of crystal and lattice plane.  

btn80Counter Monochromator

Counter Monochromator mounted on Goniometer Counter Arm removes Kβ.   
Curved graphite monochromator configures a Bragg-Brentano para-focusing optics.

Crystal Silicon Lattice Plane (400)
Shape Channel cut Layout (+ +)
Adjustment mechanism incident angle (ω)
tilt angle (Φ)
front/back (X)
Slit Incident Slit
Outgoing Slit