Desktop Type 2D IP Digital X-ray Diffraction

X-ray Diffractometer "XRD Mate"


"XRD Mate" is a desktop type XRD system, which is equipped with an X-ray generator
and an X-ray diffraction camera, using a high-sensitive 2-dimensional imaging plate.

btn80Product Lineups for each applications:

  txthedFor single crystal sample:
spcBack-Reflection Laue Camera Type: "XRD Mate IPC-LC/B"
spcTransmission Laue Camera Type: "XRD Mate IPX-LC/F"
  txthedFor powder sample:
spcDebye-Scherrer Camera Type: soon available
  txthedFor fiber/polymer film:
spcTransmission Camera Type: soon available

btn80FEATURES of "XRD Mate":

  "XRD Mate" system is an "all-in-one" type system equipped with an X-ray generator, an X-ray camera, and a data-processing system using imaging plate, which realize a user-friendly system by automating the system from X-ray exposure to image conversion to 2D digital image. Imaging Plate has dozens or hundreds of times higher detection sensitivity than that of X-ray film type.

txthedDimension: H 50cm x W 70cm x D 55cm
txthedWide Dynamic Range: 5 digits
txthedImaging Size: 100μm (standard mode)
txthed The "XRD Mate IPC-LC" is equipped with the goniometer for single-crystal X-ray diffraction, which can take the Laue image and produce useful data for X-ray diffraction.
txthed Optionally the users can select to install the data managing software, which can calculate the coordinates of Laue spots and determine the orientation of single crystal.
X-ray Camera Camera diameter: 114.5mmΦ
IP size 80mm x 120mm
Measurable angle range ±60°
Collimator Φ1mm    Φ0.5mm
Goniometer α、β、arc ±20°and rotation 360°
  "XRD Mate IPC-LC" uses the cylindrically-shaped IP film (114.6mmΦ) to
take the Laue image and automatically trace the 2D pattern image.

The maximum image size: 8 cm x 24 cm
Negative/positive reverse display


To ensure the completely symmetrical Laue image:

  • set the crystal surface correctly regardless of the crystal thickness. 
  • correctly match the estimated crystal surface and the direction of incident X-ray beam.
  • measure the distance between the sample and the IP film as accurately as possible.
  • set the direction of arc-stage parallel to incident X-ray beam in order to easily find out the relationship between the goniometer and the incident X-ray beam.
  • adjust/rotate the arc-stage of goniometer to locate the major spots to the center of symmetry.

Perfect Safety Features for protection from X-ray radiation:

  • The Laue camera is installed into the metallic case as one unit.
  • The sample stage cover is mechanically interlocked before X-ray generation.
  • The Laue camera unit is fixed to the X-ray generator table the same way as conventional X-ray camera, which achieve a more stable configuration for ensuring accurate X-ray beam alignment.
  • The positioning jig on the stage can be used as a guide for easily setting the crystal sample.

btn80"XRD Mate" Product Specifications:

Product Specifications
X-ray Generator Rating power : 2kW,  Voltage: max. 50kV,  Current: max. 30mA
X-ray Tube X-ray tube target is selectable from W, Mo, Cu and others
Safety system Excess flow check system for cooling water Protection mechanism from over-voltage,over-current and extra X-ray radiation
IP scanning method Data read/erase by the scanning unit in the camera unit
Scanning size: 50μm, 100μm, 200μm
Exposure time Faster than the conventional Polaroid film camera
Scanning/Erasing Scanning / approx. 3 mins.
Erasing / approx. 2 mins. ~
(The erasing period is much longer if the image-processing mode is selected. )
PC (OS: Windows) camera control and image processing
Data managing software Data scan/Display/Edit
Automatically processing to the stereographic image data from the IP film image.
Detection of coordinate origin of incident beam
Auto save function of image data on coordinate origin
Automatic detection of Laue spots (also for processing to the stereographic image)
Calculation of γ、δ angles of spots
Greninger Chart for interpreting the back reflection Laue image data
Greninger Chart printing function
Power Supply Single phase AC 200V, 50/60Hz, 15A
Dimension W 700mm × D 550mm × H 500mm
Cooling Water Circulator
Flow rate: 5 liter/min.
Water temperature 15 ~ 25 degree C ± 2 degree C
Cooling capacity: 1.5kW / 3kW
 * All specifications above are subject to change without prior notice.