Desktop 2D X-ray Diffraction System

X-ray Diffractometer "XRD 3rd"

"All-in-one" Desktop X-ray Diffractometer


Smart user interaction!
Intelligent and safe operation!
Flexible usage for X-ray diffraction of powder samples and single crystal!


btn80Unique Features at a Glance

spctxthedHorizontally-located sample holder:
spcThe sample holder is horizontally located so that the position of the sample can be stably maintained.

spctxthedMinimized operational risks:
spcThe X-ray protective sample chamber protects the user from X-ray radiation when changing the sample.

spctxthedBuild for four types of sample measurement:
spcThe most preferable holder is selectable depending on each measurement, such as for powder samples, for
spc monocrystalline materials and for X-ray pole figures.

spctxthedFully-sealed X-ray tube:
spcThe fully-sealed tube features maintenance-free, while minimizing operational risks.

spctxthedHighest device availability:
  The leading-edge control systems, such as the power supply with high-precision resonant inverter, the counting system with the latest IC, and the newly developed user interface, guarantee high system performance.



tg  Various configurations for each application:

spctxthedX-ray Generator:
spcspc300W / 600W / 1200W / 2000W / 3000W

spctxthedX-ray Detector
spcspcScintillation Counter (Nal)

spcIncident monochrometor, monochrometor with four channel cut crystals. ...more link

spctxthedSample Holders
spcRotatable sample holder with capillary
spcHolder for measuring the gas atmosphere
spcSample holder for cooling/heating and sample observation apparatus. ...more link

spctxthedX-ray Detection System
spcX-ray Detection System RS-01, X-ray Data Processing System RS-DP1. ...more link

btn80"XRD 3rd" Product Specifications:

Product Specifications
Rated Power 30kV 10mA  300W (OPTION: 600W, 1200W, 2000W, 3000W)
High Voltage Generator High-precision resonant inverter: stability: +/-0.01%
X-ray Tube Target Cu (or selectable from Cr, Co, Fe, and Mo)
Goniometer Theta-theta goniometer is used so that the sample always lies flat and is fixed.
Radius: 140mm, 150mm, 185mm selectable
measurement angle: -5 to 150 degree (2 theta), -5 to 75 degree (theta d, theta s)
Minimum Step Size 0.005 degree (theta), 0.01 degree (2 theta)
Scanning Method theta s/theta d independent or coupled
Scanning Rate 0.1 degree ~ 30 degree / min.
Divergence Slit 0.5 degree 1 degree  2 degree  0.05 mm  or  *0.625 degree  1.25 degree
Detection Slit 0.15mm 0.3mm  *0.3 degree
The values with asterisk * are the intensity-based ones.  
Monochrometor(option) Curved Graphite
Detector/Counter Scintillation Counter Detector
Scintillater:   NaI
Counter:   HV / PHA,   Automated baseline window setting
Data Processing System Personal Computer OS: Windows7
Display: 17-inch LCD
Control: X-ray generation (tube voltage, tube current)
Detector HV PHA Counter
Basic data processing: Background removal, smoothing,
separation of K-alpha1 and K-alpha2
Data analysis: Qualitative analysis, database (ICDD) automated search (option)
spcQuantitative analysis, calibration curve method
Sample Port The following ports are available for each sample type:
- manual port
- electrically automated port
- port with three-axis
- automatically changeable tray for 6 samples
Dimension 700 ~ 840(W) x 550(D) x 700 ~ 840 (H) mm
(depending on the selected size of X-ray generator: 300w 600w 1.2kW 2-3kW)
Cooling Water Circulator
Water supply quantity: 5L/min
Temperature: 20 to 25 degree C
Water Tank: 20L with water level gauge
* All specifications above are subject to change without prior notice.